Triennial Assembly

We want to congratulate the following PGMs and PGPs for receiving General Grand Chapter Appointments for the current Triennium. (posted: 7/29/2021, updated 12/8/2022)

Wanda Ryan, PGM, Grand Trustee:   ESTARL Committee

Mike Edwards, PGP:  International Headquarters Committee

Karen Monteith, PGM:  Regenerative Medicine Committee

Karen Adams, PGM:  Service Dogs

Genie Wilcox, PGM (Colorado): Triennial Assembly Committee, Chairman of Personal Pages, Assistants, Assembly Aides, Guards and Ushers 

Invitation Letter from the MWGM and MWGP to the 2024 Triennial Assembly

Registration Information for the 2024 Triennial Assembly 

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